AK is K’ing A’

Hi all, SP here. I wanted to answer a common question about us and our blog.

We get this question, or some variant, a lot: “How do you, SPAKtholomew, manage to eat all these amazing things that you post about, while staying within a program and losing weight?” The answer is kind of complicated.

The program that we’ve both chosen, which has seen a number of variations, focuses on how to handle eating the foods that you love. This is a very different perspective than many other weight loss systems that “correct” your eating habits. Sure, we talk about getting enough lean protein and vegetables, but that is not the entire system. Instead, we talk about portions, activity, and – most importantly – balancing feeling good in your tummy with feeling good in your head and heart.

For example, take our very first food post about the Colossal Brownie Sundae at Buca. Going into it, we knew that it was going to be a big dessert, and that meant we would probably have some of it and bring the rest home for later. It kept really well. Even if it hadn’t, we would have decided not to eat the whole thing at the restaurant – sometimes you just don’t finish food when you’re out. Another strategy is to save up some points for the day. Eating at home is one of the easiest ways to do that.

When you make food at home, for some reason, it’s healthier. I’m not exactly sure why. For example, if you cook 3 eggs and throw in an ounce of cheese with some vegetables, you’ll be looking at about 400 calories, tops. Consider that against the Perkins Mushroom and Swiss omelette, which comes in at 920 calories. How does this even happen?! Oil? There can’t be that much! Lesson is: When you’re going to eat out, be ready for some steep inflation on calorie cost.

I’m sure there are plenty of other tips we can give, but I really just want to recognize my partner, AK, for her outstanding success. AK recently hit 21 pounds lost this past week. After 8 weeks of being on this program, she has really nailed what it takes to lose weight and live healthy. It’s given me a lot of inspiration as well, and rekindled my motivation for progress in weight loss. A big hand for her.