[FHCx5] Whipped Cream Day


A fairly common dessert for us at home is some fruit (typically banana slices and some sort of berries) topped with fat free Reddi Wip and perhaps some fat free caramel or sugar free chocolate syrup drizzled over the top. It’s suuuuper low points on Weight Watchers while still being pretty satisfying when sweetness is desired. So, we almost always have whipped cream in our fridge.

But, today is Whipped Cream Day. It’s a special day — one that inspires the words “Hey wait… what if we just made our own?”

WELL that may sound easy to some of you, but neither of us know what we’re doing most of the time. Upon googling, we were relieved to learn that it’s pretty much just heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. We put a metal bowl and a whisk in the freezer for a little while, combined the sugar and cream, and went to town on the whipping.

2016-01-05 19.23.21

We used Land O’ Lakes! Keeping it local, mostly by accident.

So much whipping. We had to whip in shifts because our whipping arms grew weary, and it seemed like it had been liquid for a million years until it finally started looking like whipped cream. Fluffy, sexy whipped cream.

2016-01-05 20.10.23

And then, the fruiting commenced.

2016-01-05 20.12.18

SP has an idea.


It’s all well and good to keep your whip contained in a dessert bowl, but we had to have a little fun with it because WHIPPED CREAM DAY!

2016-01-05 20.16.502016-01-05 20.18.072016-01-05 20.17.032016-01-05 20.18.24

Tomorrow will be all about beans and shortbread. One of them will be another DIY… BUT WHICH ONE?! Stay tuned.



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