[FHCx7] Tempura Day

SP here, full of some amazing Japanese food. Wait, what? That was a food holiday?


So maybe tempura isn’t exactly Japanese. My second major in college (after mathematics, of course) was Japanese Language and Literature. It was one of those things where I’d completed the majority of the major just by having taken the language classes I had already finished, so a professor told me to just get a second major. Okay.

Anyway, point being: at all of those department parties and end-of-year celebrations, the topic of going out to eat would come up. You’d get a few naysayers who don’t like raw fish or something of that sort, but most people could at least get behind Tempura. Then you’d have a smartass who would bring up how tempura isn’t really Japanese to begin with. In fact, it was brought to Japan by the Portuguese in the 1500s. But if a food has been around as a specialty in a country for 500 years, who am I to say that’s not a true Japanese food?


This guy probably really loved tempura.

For tempura day, we decided to celebrate at a local Japanese restaurant where my buddy Alex (SPAlex?) works, Suishin. They’re right up in our neighborhood and I love their selection. To be honest, we don’t often order tempura there, but we made sure to order some for our special day!

2016-01-07 18.44.33

Light, fluffy, crispy, delicious tempura. Bonus tip: make sure to ask for tempura onion!

But where are my manners? You probably want to see the rest of the spread we ordered. 2016-01-07 18.39.012016-01-07 18.39.07

2016-01-07 18.44.22

A favorite that I introduced to AK, Oyako Donburi. Oyako means “Parent and child” and refers to the dish being made of Chicken and Egg. Dark.

2016-01-07 18.51.35

My personal favorite of any Japanese restaurant, Unaju. Eel filet with “eel sauce.” My god this is amazing.

Beautiful sushi and beautiful dishes! They also have a badass noodle menu. Worth checking out.

Look out tomorrow for National English Toffee Day! That is, National to the US. Chew on that for a while.


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