[FHCx14] Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

According to arithmetic, it’s been 2 whole weeks since we started this food challenge! Only 50 more to go. It’ll be fun, though. At least for us.



We can’t have that, now, can we?

We probably saved the lives of several 69-year-old Jewish celebrities tonight, because we took it upon ourselves to chow down on some pastrammy sammies (on rye) at Cecil’s Deli in St. Paul/Highland Park.

Like many a deli restaurant, Cecil’s has quite the menu with many many many things on it. Following the food holidays comes as a blessing, in a way, since the broad decision-making is done for us! There were a few different pastrami sandwiches to choose from, though, so we had to narrow it down at least a little bit. It was tough… but we did it.

2016-01-14 18.11.58

The Sasha — pastrami, a fried egg, swiss cheese, and whatever “bird sauce” is.

2016-01-14 18.12.14

Pastrami and Schmere — pastrami, cream cheese, and onions.

On the menu there seems to be a distinction between brisket pastrami (on the Sasha) and Chicago pastrami (on the Pastrami and Schmere). Whether this was just 1) a way to vary up the wording on a giant menu or 2) perhaps an actual difference in meat, we do not know! Either way, they were both magnificent. We traded sandwich halves to experience the full pastramiganza, and it was the right choice to have made. Also, if you enjoy potato salads that are more mustardish than mayoesque, or at least a healthy balance of both, you’ll love it at Cecil’s.

‘Twas a happy Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day indeed. Tomorrow is Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

While you’re still here — a note regarding future foodings:

One of the sentiment/questions we’ve gotten the most these last two weeks is “How in the world can you eat all those delicious things and lose any weight??!!!!?!!!?!!!!1!!” Touching on that: one of the most important reasons for us to do this blog at all is to show people that it’s possible to eat good food and become (or stay) healthier. As much as we can respect the results people get on super extreme exclusionary meal plans, there is something to be said for doing what makes you feel good rather than relying on shame and fear for motivation. That said, we’d like to note that we do in fact understand the difference between “doing what makes you feel good” and “doing whatever the hell you want.” It’s not discipline that we’re edging out by indulging in all these awesome foods every day. As much as it can seem like a free-for-all, there is a lot of planning and strategizing and setting ourselves up for success that is really very doable. For those who just read this for the food, this is probably super boring… but, it’s important to us. This isn’t “LOOK AT US, WE’RE PROFESSIONAL WEIGHT-LOSERS AND CURED OF ALL FATNESS!” AK still struggles every day with binge eating and very well might for a long time, maybe even forever.¬†Even after losing quite a lot of weight, SP has hit some hard plateaus that can be very bad for morale. The point is, this is reality and those things are okay. The barriers and the pitfalls don’t mean there is no hope for success. And hey, pastrami tastes really freaking good.

Since the blog is still in its infancy, we are still working to strike a balance between basic food appreciation content and “this is completely possible” real-world logistical weight management stuff. I’m sure some of you have noticed the occasional mention of how we’ve done things like adjust recipes to lower calories, “saved up” by keeping it light the rest of the day, shared portions, boxed half a meal to take home, etc. Even so, based on some reactions, it doesn’t seem like quite enough. SOOOO… we’re gonna kick it up a notch, in the spirit of keeping it real. From this point forward, every Saturday blog will also include our -/+ weight amounts for the week. This will serve a few purposes: 1) To show you, our dear readers, that it really can be done! 2) To show that sometimes you gain a little back and it isn’t the end of the world 3) To hold ourselves accountable and stay motivated to keep getting results.

Here goes nothin’.









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