[FHCx15] Strawberry Ice Cream Day



Well said, Malibu Stacy.


After some yummy hot chili and a game of Scrabble at the SParental household, it was time to celebrate with some ‘skeam. Why would we go out and buy any old strawberry ice cream when we could have SPom make some for us?!



“You could put your F at the end there.” “But what’s ‘bryfe’?”


Anyway… SPom got an ice cream recipe from her sister (Thanks, SPaunt SPanet!) and it proved very tasty. The calories in it get reduced considerably with the use of fat free condensed milk and fat free half-and-half, but we didn’t find it to be any less awesome as a result.

2016-01-15 20.16.52

The little bits of frozen strawberry gave a nice little zing, and the ice cream itself was so smooth and sweet that you wouldn’t even know it was reduced-anything. A 1/2 cup serving was just enough, and small bowls that were just the right fit helped us avoid the feeling of being deprived.


2016-01-15 20.17.39

This guy was the only one deprived of delicious ice cream tonight.

Tomorrow we celebrate National Hot and Spicy Food Day, along with Fig Newton Day. AND it’s a weigh-in day. Eep!



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