[FHCx18] Peking Duck Day

Hey! No Peeking! Or wait…


Peking Duck is one of those dishes that you’ve heard of, and you can probably imagine what it is, but you’ve never actually ordered it. Maybe you wanted to order it but the restaurant said that you have to order it 24 hours in advanced. Maybe you saw the picture of the Chinese pancakes with hoisin and you thought, “This ain’t for me.” But today, we did it!

What makes Peking Duck special is its long history and preparation. This is one of those kinda-actually-Chinese dishes, unlike Orange Chicken.

Master of None Chinese

It’s not quite made the same way as it used to be, but a lot of the central ideas are there. You take a duck, cut out all the weird stuff. Pump air in to separate skin from fat, and let the bird hang for a while with a coat of sweet syrup on it. 24 hours later, roast the li’l guy and serve it. In modern times, that means with some veggies, pancakes that resemble tortillas, and some hoisin sauce. Peking Duck tacos!

Our choice for dinner is one of our favorite local Chinese restaurants, Szechuan. In addition to our duck, we ordered some Dan Dan Noodles, which we basically cannot live without. What’s awesome about these it’s that they come in a nice small portion to split between two people. Chili oil, little bits of meat, spinach, and noodles that are at least 3 feet long. All the sauce and stuff is at the bottom, and you mix it up before you serve it.

2016-01-18 18.37.11

Szechuan’s Dan Dan Noodles

I’ll leave the Pek-tures speking for themselves.

2016-01-18 18.49.39

Just look at that duck!

2016-01-18 18.51.25

Serving suggestion

2016-01-18 19.16.04

And to wrap up: SP‘s fortune cookie. The back had the lucky numbers and the obligatory “learn Chinese.”

Tomorrow is Popcorn Day!


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