[FHCx25] National Irish Coffee Day

Some of the best food and drink are named after places: Belgian Waffles, French Fries, Texas Toast…


There are few things that SP dislikes more than coffee. AK will tolerate it. But we remain stubbornly on this quest to observe every food holiday. So batten down the hatches, because it’s time to booze up some joe.

2016-01-25 18.41.43

AK got some Caribou coffee as the base of our drink. And thankfully, she also found one of these cute mini-bottles of Bailey’s because lord knows we wouldn’t use a whole bottle of the stuff on other days of the year. The last ingredient was a gift from a neighbor/SP‘s coworker, some Greenore Irish Whiskey. We know that our friends in Ireland would have a conniption if we tried to make Irish Coffee without an Irish Whiskey. So here’s to you guys.

2016-01-25 18.47.02


As expected, SP didn’t like it and AK thought it was alright.

Tomorrow is Peanut Brittle Day!


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