[FHCx26] National Peanut Brittle Day

A sugary confection indeed!


Peanut Brittle is made in chemistry classrooms countrywide as students hunt stores for candy thermometers to bring to school. Or at least that’s what SPam associates with peanut brittle.

Brittle has been around for a long, long time in many different forms in many different countries. Luckily, today focuses on the best kind of brittle candy, the All-American Peanut Brittle. What better way to add crunch to crunchy sugar than with the legendary legume?

We picked some up at the Twin Cities’ best candy store, Candyland. We’re sure that you’ll hear more from Candyland on SpakWillSnack in the future, but here’s the rundown: Super old (and old school) candy store dishing out amazing Chicago Mix popcorn, chocolates, candies, fudge, you name it. And SP considers their brittle to be the cream of the crop. Fortunately for us, SP went to see Black Sabbath at the Target Center last night and was able to conveniently pick up some brittle from Candyland’s downtown Minneapolis location to celebrate.

2016-01-25 20.45.39

Sabbath Brittle Sabbath

2016-01-26 16.45.23

Beautiful brittle

2016-01-26 16.45.58

So close you can taste it. Look at those bits!

Super crunchy and thick. When making brittle, you have to make sure that it’s not so thick that you break your teeth when you clamp your jaw down. But it has to be worthwhile to bite into. Candyland uses red-skinned peanuts which gives a little bit of a rounder peanut flavor. This is one tasty candy.

It’s a good thing we have a food scale in the house! We were able to measure out a couple servings to make sure we wouldn’t overeat. Weighing on a scale will always be more accurate than trying to get a volume measurement, too. Worth a purchase! Pro tip: Weigh food in grams instead of ounces and you usually end up with a little more for a serving!

Tomorrow is Chocolate Cake Day! Think of the possibilities…



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