[FHCx30] National Croissant Day

Oh, France. What food have you made that isn’t amazing…


SPuncle Ricky has lived in Paris for a long time, and I (SP) have fortunately been able to visit a few times over the years. And every time I go, the main thing on my mind is French patisserie. Well, all sorts of food, but mostly the things that are made with flour and/or chocolate. The problem is, we weren’t able to secure some cheap tickets to Paris for the day to pick up a bundle of croissants.

Instead, we were able to go to a favorite French cafe in Minneapolis, Patisserie 46. These guys mean serious business when it comes to their French bakery items. Croissants, brioche, chocolate, all of those amazing things. They don’t have palmiers though, so put that on the list for the must-have of the next Paris trip.

Without further adieu (get it?), here’s the goods.

2016-01-30 12.14.37

2016-01-30 12.19.40

Left: Pain Au Chocolat. Right: Croissant. Buttery, flaky, amazing.

2016-01-30 12.21.18

The carnage of a too-good croissant

We’ll have to be conscious of our carb-and-butter intake for the rest of the day, but it was well worth it!


SP: -0.2 pounds, total lost: 88.0

AK: -3.0 pounds, total lost: 28.6

As we say in the business, “Take¬†that, Space Coyote!” A great showing for AK this week.

Tomorrow is National Brandy Alexander Day! If booze didn’t go so well with coffee, but it went well with butter and brown sugar, let’s see how it goes with chocolate.



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