[FHCx31] National Brandy Alexander Day

Is today’s booze gonna be good?


Since our last attempts at alcoholic “food” holidays haven’t been completely successful, we were nervous going into today. First off, we needed to know what a Brandy Alexander was, and everywhere had a different take on it. It’s not even really clear where it gets its name! It is the brandy-based version of a different cocktail just called an Alexander, but the source of its name is disputed.

The actual official recipe is 1 part heavy cream, 1 part cognac, and 1 part creme de cacao. Lots of people were doing things like ice cream and chocolate syrup, but we felt it necessary to go with2016-01-31 18.42.51 the original in an attempt to get the full Brandy Alexander experience.

2016-01-31 18.33.50

Remy Martin V.S.O.P., some cream, and a local creme de cacao (from Princeton, MN)

2016-01-31 18.42.10

Shaken and poured into a chilled martini glass!

2016-01-31 18.42.51

Garnished with nutmeg. It smells really good on its way into your face.

The initial taste is good. Chocolatey, nutmeggy. Then the alcohol becomes incredibly apparent. For booze lovers, I’m sure this would be just fine! As for us, we give it a resounding “meh.”


See you tomorrow for Baked Alaska Day!



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