[FHCx35] Homemade Soup Day/National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Another two-fer


We were very happy when SPom said she would help out with the FHC this year. Tonight she really brought the thunder by making us a terrific dinner that incorporated both of the holidays! How amazing!

First up is the homemade soup: A spicy, sweet butternut squash soup. These soups often incorporate insane amounts of cream, making the caloric count not so wonderful. But making it at home you have a lot more options. This particular recipe uses a lot more squash than most would use, making it naturally thicker. A lot of moisture comes from adding a whole onion and a whole apple, blended up into an awesome sweet mush. Throw in some vegetable broth and a bunch of spices, and you get this amazing soup.

2016-02-04 18.07.26

SPom’s Butternut Squash Soup

SPom also went out of her way to make some homemade stuffed mushrooms. Here in the SPAK household, as you guys know, “mushbooms” and “umyums” and garlic are like a holy trinity. Apparently, you take off the stem of the mushroom, grind it up with garlic, onion and a bit of cream cheese (among other nice things), and then use the mixture to fill the caps. They were so, so good.

2016-02-04 18.22.28

Fresh out of the oven

2016-02-04 18.26.18

Look at that goo.

Overall, a very successful evening. We’ll repay them by having them over tomorrow for a steak dinner! Oh, and chocolate fondue for tomorrow’s holiday!


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