[FHCx36] World Nutella Day/National Chocolate Fondue Day

Oh so chocolatey…


The folks at Ferrero really have a hold on the world. I mean, it’s one thing to have delicious hazelnut chocolate truffles, but they’ve created a spread that is so prolific that anyone else’s attempt at it is “[X]’s Nutella.” So good on them for becoming part of the lexicon of brand words like Kleenex and Crock Pot.

We know, thanks to our 2dubs leader, that having a jar of Nutella around is dangerous. So we got a little to-go pack and split it four ways with SParents!

2016-02-05 18.43.19

A little bitta nutella

As promised, we hosted SParents for dinner. SP prepared steak and AK took care of the Cauliflower Hash Browns. It was a lovely dinner.

The most meaningful part of the experience, however, was the chocolate fondue. Fondue has been around a long time, with origins lying in Germany, France, and Switzerland that all intertwined into how we know it today. This particular format for fondue, using chocolate, was obviously the next logical step from cheese. After all, cheese and chocolate make for a terrific dessert.

The following pictures should sum up our evening nicely.

2016-02-05 18.41.062016-02-05 18.41.32

2016-02-05 18.43.39

Sweets that are good for dipping

2016-02-05 18.43.45

As usual, bananas proved most popular with our group

2016-02-05 18.44.31

The spread.

We had a lovely time splitting this chocolate fondue with SPamily. Sorry about the messy house, SParents!

Tomorrow is National Frozen Yogurt Day! Mmmmm.



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