[FHCx37] National Frozen Yogurt Day

We don’t agree with Ron Swanson on this one. We are excited that


I (SP) still remember a conversation I had with a friend in college. A place had just opened in the loop called “FroYo” and he thought it was the most genius business plan ever: Get a handful of minimum-wage college kids to sit around and be cashiers in what was an entirely self-serve food place. The only real cost is maintenance of the machines and the supplies for the yogurt, but you would really only need one employee at a time to handle the whole place.

Little did we know, there was about to be an explosion of self-serve frozen yogurt joints around the country as the fad turned frozen yogurt into a saturated market. The days of TCBY and Monkey Paw frozen yogurt were over, and a new age was ushered in.

During that time, one of our family-favorite yogurt places opened up – Menchie’s. I value a few things the most out of a froyo haven, and Menchie’s delivers:

  1. Creaminess. I hate icy, chunky frozen “yogurt.” It should be smooth and milky.
  2. Low calorie options. While “non fat” frozen yogurt is the centerpiece of most places, having no added sugar means you actually get an awesome yogurty flavor when you want it.
  3. Bananas as a topping. I mean seriously, how hard is it? Places like YogurtLab have told us to our faces that bananas go bad when they sit out and it’s just not feasible. Cheezus criminy.

Anyway, the yogurt!

2016-01-31 13.05.51

Method 1: Side-by-side swirls

2016-02-06 12.37.57

Method 2: Geological Strata

2016-02-06 12.41.15

Thanks, Menchie’s!


SP: -1.4 pounds, total lost: 89.4

AK: +3.2 pounds, total lost: 25.4

AK starts Minnesota Brass this week, so the offset of the activity is proving to be a challenge. Here’s hoping for a solid week coming up.

Tomorrow is Fettucini Alfredo Day!



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