[FHCx41] National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

After yesterday’s fun ordeal, we’re a bit tired. But not too tired for


Some people just can’t leave the brownie well enough alone. Its chocolatey gooeyness really needs no improvement or modifications. Well, the cheesecake lobby seems to think otherwise. So someone went ahead and popularized the idea of throwing a cream cheese topping on already-made brownies. Literally all the recipes we saw were “make brownies; put cream cheese topping on ’em.”

Still, they look really pretty. They don’t taste all that cream cheesey. AK put a couple baking discs on just for the buttoned look.

2016-02-10 16.03.26

AK‘s craftwork

2016-02-10 16.27.12

If we were to do this all over again, we might have lightened up the brownie mix. Just going by the box means putting in 2/3 cup oil. TWO THIRDS OF A CUP. DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN?! There are always ways to trim things down without sacrificing any flavor. You can sub in applesauce for some of the oil, you can just lessen the oil or sugar by 25%, you can cut smaller pieces… Whatever you do, don’t stand by the pan too long. Brownies are a killer.

Again, leftovers will be brought for SP‘s coworkers.

Tomorrow is National Peppermint Patty Day! We’ve got a fun one in store for you.


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