[FHCx44] National Tortellini Day

What do you get when you shrink tortelloni?


Y’know, those stuffed pasta things that are like ravioli, except round and like a tiny edible belly button. As much as Italian dining is a favorite, we took this one to the streets. By that, I mean the aisles of Lunds & Byerlys (the aisles there are named for streets in the area).

We went with Three Bridges spinach/cheese stuffed tortellini, which looks like this:


Artificial shadow and all.

This stuff is available all over the United States. You can get it in most regions, except for most of North and South Dakota. Or a bunch of Georgia, or most of Maine. Or the Mojave Desert.

Pretty simple to make. Boil it, sauce it, plate it. We used the leftover sauce from our bagel pizza and added frozen chicken breast for some extra protein (the pre-cooked grilled strip kind that’s meant to be added to salads).

2016-02-13 18.46.11


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day Cream-filled Chocolate Day, and boy do we have plans. Until then!



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