[FHCx46] National Gumdrop Day

Not just lemon drops but


For the third time of our Food Holiday Challenge, we have invoked the power of Candyland to help us with our candy-related quest. In fact, no other gumdrops are as good as Candyland’s, so it was worthwhile picking some up. Yesterday we were wandering downtown Minneapolis between an awesome concert of Big Band music at Orchestra Hall (the tickets were a present from SP for Chanukah) and an awesome dinner at Bradstreet Craftshouse (as a present from SP for Valentine’s Day). It gave us an opportunity to pick up some goody gumdrops.

2016-02-15 12.38.11.jpg

We only really needed a handful to celebrate the day. As we found out, the purple ones were amazing. That happens with most candy of this type. Nice and chewy without that horrible getting-stuck-in-the-small-grooves-of-your-teeth experience that happens with most gumdrops.

Another confusing Food Holiday as most gumdrops that we’re familiar with are attached to gingerbread houses (or Shrek’s Gingerbread Man) around Decembertime. Still, fun to celebrate with a little bit of candy and not go too crazy.

Tomorrow is National Almond Day!


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