[FHCx47] National Almond Day

Oh, Amygdalus…


Here’s to almonds: plain, salted, cinnamon roasted, chocolate covered, Jordan… Almonds are great for all sorts of reasons. It’s “nutritionally dense” which means it carries a lot of vitamins and minerals per gram. As opposed to chocolate cake, which is deliciously dense, and carries a lot of sugar and fat per gram.

But for real. SP has a hard enough time getting lunch eaten during the school day. You really don’t get much time as a teacher, and that makes choosing lunch very important. For a very long time, his go-to has been a turkey sandwich with potato chips and an apple, possibly with a chocolatey something for the end. Over time, the need for the chocolatey thing mattered a lot less. Most recently, there was a paradigm shift as chips were no longer a major part of the SPAK household. It was just getting too hard for the two of us, so we really eat chips sparingly these days.

That meant finding a low-calorie, filling side to go with the sandwich. One option that SP has found that works really well is almonds. And it seems he’ll never get tired of them!

2016-02-16 11.28.14So thank you, almonds, for being part of this complete lunch.

Tomorrow is Cabbage day and Cafe Au Lait day!


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