[FHCx53] National Margarita Day/Cook a Sweet Potato Day



For another alcoholic drink, we were kind of worried that it could be awesome like Hot Buttered Rum or really not-our-style like Hot Toddy day. We were hoping for at least pretty good like Drink Wine day.

Our margarita needs led us to La Casita, a local Mexican restaurant that is a go-to for pretty much anyone in the Roseville area. At SP‘s school, it is customary for staff to pay a visit to La Casita after senior graduation in June. It’s just part of the culture around these parts.

On Mondays is SP‘s mandate. The guys come over and they play video games together. It always means getting some good food, so it was with ease that La Casita was chosen for this week’s get-together. Their margarita list is extensive, and pretty fun. It’s worth it, though, to just get a classic house margarita.

2016-02-22 18.10.14

2016-02-22 18.20.31

From left to right: House Marg, Golden Cadillac, Pomegranate, House Marg

And they were very tasty! None of us went for the blended, frozen kind. It’s sweet and only a little boozey. It’s very apparent why the drink is so popular! The problem is that one margarita may slightly impair your judgment. So things like endless baskets of chips might cause some major distress to your digestive system. Be forewarned: you won’t feel the alcohol until it’s too late. Drive safe, everyone.

Oh. And cook a sweet potato day. Here’s how we cook potatoes in the SPAK household when we’re lazy:

2016-02-22 21.37.51.jpg

Doesn’t take much to enjoy a potato!

Tomorrow is Banana Bread Day! If SP enjoys anything as much as he enjoys AK, it’s banana bread. SPom’s banana bread.



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