[FHCx54] National Banana Bread Day

Is the banana bread ready?


Bananas are the life force of SP. Hands down, best fruit. People will argue carbs and blah blah, but nothing beats creamy, awesome banana. Banana creme pie, banana pudding, banana bread, banana cake, banana muffins, banana popsicles. Everything.

And most likely it all stems from one particular bakery item of SP‘s youth. Banana bread is one of those foods that has the earliest memories attached to it. And every single time, it’s amazing. So a big thanks to SPom again for helping out to make this banana bread day happen, because her banana bread is the only banana bread.

Baked for us in littler loaves than usual so that we don’t go too crazy:

2016-02-23 10.14.062016-02-23 10.20.26

I’m drooling looking at these pictures again. Honestly, I’ve tried to make it from the same 30+-year-old recipe card but it just doesn’t turn out the same. Mommy Magic, I guess.

Phew. Okay. Recuperating now…

Tomorrow is National Tortilla Chip Day! Not to be confused with corn chip day…



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