[FHCx62] National Banana Cream Pie Day

The day has come.


In this household, BCP is the motherload of desserts.

For AK, much of the exposure to Banana Cream Pie began when her parents would get to-go pies from Marie Callender’s. For AKpa, it was BCP. For AKma and AKron, it was cinnamon apple. And for little AK, it was chocolate pudding pie. There will always be a fondness of thinking of bringing back those pie tins to the restaurant. She’s still unsure whether or not the family got anything for returning the tins, but that was just the way things were.

For SP, this started back with SPom’s Banana Bread. Then it was just bananas all the time. Bananas for bananas. Eventually, SP graduated from Baker’s Square’s level and found the holy grail/black lotus/Shangri-La of BCPs: Manny’s Steakhouse. This dessert has been the go-to for many birthday celebrations, job hiring celebrations, and celebration celebrations.

When SP took AK to Manny’s for the first time, he insisted on having her try it. Her life was changed as well.

Because no other Banana Cream Pie quite measures up (Second place goes to a very special place called Bandera in LA, thanks to Adam Gertler), our choice for today was clear. AK was kind enough to pick up a BCP from Manny’s to-go so we could enjoy at home.

2014-02-08 19.47.46

The BCP as it typically appears at Manny’s. Accompanied by friends: Key Lime and Pecan.

2016-03-02 17.29.55

Whatever is in this bag is always guaranteed to be showstopping.

2016-03-02 17.30.54

What’s this, we get to assemble it ourselves??

2016-03-02 17.31.27

So it seems! Thanks for the to-go, Manny’s!

2016-03-02 17.35.08


This coming Sunday, we’ll be going to Manny’s for one of SP‘s friend’s birthday dinner. We will order a BCP on that day as well. We’re lucky that at home we can weigh how much we take! It’s good practice for the real run.

Tomorrow is National Cold Cuts Day and National Mulled Wine Day.



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