[FHCx68] National Peanut Cluster Day



Peanuts have always been at the wrong end of fad diets. Everyone talks about how they aren’t even nuts, and the nutrients you get from them would be better from elsewhere. It’s all fat and salt and blah blah blah. But just answer yourself this question. What would be healthier for you: a handful of peanuts or a handful of chocolate?

You don’t have to answer that question, because the answer is the Peanut Cluster.

Our peanut cluster day was carefully chosen to highlight one of the Minnesota greats: the Pearson Nut Goodie. This thing is a staple candy for Minnesotans far and wide. Both SP and AK have passed by the factory countless times on the way to work or to work out at the St. Paul JCC (shout out, woo!). Let’s break it down.

Pearson’s Candy was established in 1909, and their first ever product made in-house was the Nut Goodie in 1912. This is the same crew who brought along the Salted Nut Roll in 1933, another amazing candy. Though they also hold onto the Bit-O-Honey now, Pearson is synonymous with peanuts. According to Wikipedia, Pearson’s utilizes 200 tons of peanuts per month. That’s 5,152,000 calories flying out the door every month. (That’s 2 calories per second in a 30-day month!)

The real point of all of this is that the Nut Goodie is amazing. Recently they also came out with the Sea Salt Caramel variant, so we got one of each to celebrate today.

2016-03-08 09.03.542016-03-08 09.05.202016-03-08 09.06.13

Such a tasty treat! Great to have a small holiday to celebrate after the last couple days…

Tomorrow is both Meatball day and Crabmeat day!


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