[FHCx80] National Bock Beer Day/National Ravioli Day

Beer ‘n pasta!


We aren’t beer connoisseurs. We have friends that are, and we have our lovely local Surdyk’s to recommend as well. Bock beer is a decidedly German kind of lager that is very malty, and a little less hoppy. We’re not quite in the camp of “Beer tastes like beer” but without an immediate comparison, it was hard to tell much about the beer. It was pretty good. We’ll probably use it to bake something. Or as part of a sauce. Hmmm.

2016-03-20 13.45.15.jpg

I’m pretty sure this is all just one word.

For ravioli day, we had grand plans to make our own pasta. And then Buca sent us a 50% off Ravioli coupon and we couldn’t resist. It’s been 2.5 months since our last trip to Buca!

2016-03-20 19.13.30.jpg

Ravioli in Meat Sauce

It was so creamy and smooth, with that amazing ricotta and parmesan combination. The meat sauce was on point, too. We often have to ask for extra sauce with their spaghetti, but the meat made this sauce thick and delicious. Oh, Buca, we never doubted you.

Tomorrow is California Strawberry Day and National French Bread Day!



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