[FHCx84] National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

A respite from the double-duty days this week:


SP has always been a fan of raisins. Soft, chewy, sugary lumps of purple… But some people, likeĀ SPam andĀ AK, are not so much fans. Across the world, even, people don’t like raisins. What gives?

Well that’s when companies like Nestle or Brach’s come along and say “HEY! We never shoulda fired George Newman! Let’s cover raisins with chocolate!” And there you have it. Add chocolate and suddenly we’re cool.

2016-03-24 15.46.212016-03-24 15.47.18


Tomorrow is Waffle Day (thanks to Sweden, as the US Waffle Day is 8/24) and Lobster Newburg day!


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