[FHCx86] National Nougat Day/National Spinach Day

One of these things is good for you…


AK and I have a concert to go to this evening: Alan Cumming at the MN Orchestra. So while we are downtown we figured we’d hammer out these two holidays. And with the candy-related, our minds often go to Candyland. 

Well we walked in and found that they had nothing with nougat! Chocolate and nuts as far as the eye could see, but no creamy nougat to be had. We left, dejected, and turned to an old friend: the vending machine. And we got one of the most classic nougat candy bars!

Mmmmm caramely nougat goodness. After our treat we decided to check out the Macy’s Flower Show. Very pretty and very smelly. 

For dinner before our show, we ate at The News Room. AK was in charge of the Popeyeing and ordered a beautiful steak and spinach salad. SP ordered a pork tenderloin. We should have drawn anchors on our biceps. 

There was an old story that said that the reason that spinach was chosen as Popeye’s power food was an error in place value for the amount of iron in the green. A scientist supposedly made the mistake of noting 10 times as much iron as there actually was! Well recently the story was disproven. It was cute while it lasted. But it still gave us power! Eat your veggies!

Tomorrow is Baked Ham with Pineapple Day as well as Spanish Paella Day! Talk about effort. 




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