[FHCx90] National Turkey Neck Soup Day

The neck?


Alright. 90 days in and we’re getting pretty damn specific. Can’t just be “soup” or even “meat soup” or even “turkey soup.” Has to be the neck. Fine.

So let’s say you roast a turkey. Big family function, huge bird, everyone’s happy. Well if you started from a whole bird, it means you’ve got a lot of giblets to take care of. Gizzards, livers, neck bits. It’s a bunch of meat that you can’t really assemble together without something to provide cohesion. So you take that, you take the bones, and you make yourself a soup! In this case, SPad made the soup for us.

2016-03-30 15.57.59.jpg

Made with barley and carrots and mushrooms… mmm… It’s an especially good soup for a cold, drizzly, gloomy day like today. Hunker down and have some soup!

Tomorrow is a biggie: Clams on the Half Shell Day, Tater Day, and Oranges and Lemons Day.


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