[FHCx121] National Oatmeal Cookie Day/National Raisin Day

Guess what we did?


Why did the powers-that-be make this two separate holidays? It’s very obvious what we’re supposed to do.

We made oatmeal raisin cookies! SURPRISE!

We looked at a weight watchers recipe, and it wasn’t all that light. It used 3/4 cup of regular butter and a cup of sugar… It’s kind of amusing to see some of the recipes that make it through the editing floor of WW. But at the very least, it’s easy to customize. We made this a little lighter, and we are certainly glad we did. Getting someone else’s oatmeal raisin cookie would have been much more uncontrollable.

2016-04-30 19.59.16

1.5 cups of quick cook oats

2016-04-30 20.00.09

3/4 cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 cup light butter, 1/4 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar

2016-04-30 20.04.04

Vroom! Add one egg and keep it going.

2016-04-30 20.08.11


2016-04-30 20.08.55

Raisins in the goop.

2016-04-30 20.11.07

Tablespoonfuls on a cookie sheet, bake at 375 for 14 minutes.

2016-04-30 21.33.492016-04-30 20.35.12



SP: -0.4 pounds, total lost: 85.0

AK: Was off at Brass practice today so she couldn’t weigh in ūüė¶ But she will on Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Chocolate Parfait Day!


[FHCx120] National Shrimp Scampi Day

Everybody scamper!


And oh man what a day it was. It’s nice to have something that’s easy and fun to make at home. It’s also nice to have something where¬†SP can triple the amount of garlic for. We used this Food Network recipe to make our scampi.

2016-04-29 17.46.40

A pound of shrimp with some salt and pepper

2016-04-29 17.55.26

Parsley and garlic. The more garlic, the better.

2016-04-29 17.58.07

2 Tbsp of butter in a hot skillet.

2016-04-29 18.01.52

Toss in the shrimp, and then the garlic. Let it all foam for a while. Not pictured is the “sauce” made afterwards of sherry, parsley, and lemon juice.

2016-04-29 17.51.17

2016-04-29 18.09.30


It was really, really good. We had fun!

Tomorrow is National Oatmeal Cookie Day and National Raisin Day.


[FHCx119] National Blueberry Pie Day

We’re no strangers to blueberries and


But we just can’t have the crust. That’s ok, Manischewitz has us covered since we have a little bit of time left on this Passover holiday.

2016-04-28 18.26.27.jpg

One thing that’s nice about blueberry pie among all the other fruit pies is that you don’t have to cut up or de-stem or de-pit a bunch of fruit for it. Cherries? Gotta take care of that mess of stems and pits individually. Apples? Gotta peel them¬†and cut them. Blueberries? You can eat them whole. So make some sauce out of ’em. (Okay, yes, sometimes you get blueberries with stems. But most of the time you don’t so shaddap!)

SPom did the honors:

2016-04-28 18.25.52.jpg

Tasty and lovely. Thanks, SPom!

Tomorrow is Shrimp Scampi Day!


[FHCx118] National Prime Rib Day

Primed and ready, because


There are a few days on this list that could easily be turned into gorging, making our bellies fat and our wallets thin. Prime Rib could have been one of those.

The Standing Rib Roast, as it is actually named, does not have to be of some sort of “prime” grade of beef. It also doesn’t have to come from 2, 3, 5, 7, or 11 ribs. It comes from the back of the ribs of the cow, and it is¬†delicious. Rib eye steaks come out of this chunk of meat, but that’s with some of the fat¬†removed, which is nuts, considering the marbling on a rib eye steak. Prime rib is the glutton’s steak. Its sole purpose is to be as fatty as possible, and it is SO easy to overdo it when ordering Prime Rib.

Most restaurants will name their prime rib not by actual weight, but often by a pseudonym to obscure how massive the cut will be. At the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, you order either the City Cut, the English Cut, or the King Henry VIII cut. The Timberlodge Steakhouse (formerly, the Minnesota Timberlodge) serves up the Lena, the Ole, and the Lumberjack.

This evening we stuck around the local area and went to Axel’s. There, we ordered the “King” and split it in half. As¬†SPom often says, your worst Weight Watchers day is likely still better than your best day of old. Yeah. We would have¬†each gotten a King, with fries, and appetizers. But no! We are responsible adults watching our waistlines and wallets.

2016-04-27 17.03.38.jpg

“Gimme a steak. Medium rare.”

Super tender, herb crusted ribbiness. This thing is so easy to cut through and so easy to chew that it’s like it has its own cloaking device. It just disappears! It’s served with au jus and some horseradish, but damned if it wasn’t amazing on its own. You could even take some leftovers, slap it on a bun, and it would be on par with Maverick’s Roast Beef (when will we get to Maverick’s for SPAK?).

Anywho, tomorrow is Blueberry Pie Day.


[FHCx117] National Pretzel Day

Tie yourself in knots for


Ok, we get it. Every holiday ever has some kind of bread product. At least, for those that happen to fall during Passover. We’ve got blueberry pie later in the week (the crust!) and shrimp scampi on Friday (noodles!) so we are in some pain. Thankfully, Osem came to the rescue with Kosher for Passover, Gluten-Free Pretzels.

2016-04-26 16.35.38.jpg

They have the texture of a Ritz cracker – not quite the crisp of Pretzels.

If we had our way, we would be celebrating today with the Bengal Barbecue’s Jalapeno Pretzel with some Banyan Sauce, as we mentioned on International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Soft pretzels are amazing, and those in particular top the charts on favorite pretzel of all time. All hail to Disneyland!

AK found this mix for “compost cookies” that we decided to make tonight. Though we won’t be able to eat them,¬†SP will bring them in as treats for Administrative Professionals’ Day tomorrow. Those folks at¬†SP‘s school make his life significantly easier, so he’s happy to bring them stuff on their appreciation day. So what is a compost cookie? Thanks to Milk Bar, we have a mix.

2016-04-26 21.03.43

Our ingredients!

2016-04-26 21.08.48

The flour mix and some butter.

2016-04-26 21.10.04

Add in the chocolate chips/butterscotch chips/graham cracker/oats packet of stuff.

2016-04-26 21.11.11

Throw in some crushed potato chips and crushed pretzels

2016-04-26 21.17.49

Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes

2016-04-26 21.28.40


Aw man. I guess we’ll hear about how they are tomorrow!

Speaking of which, in addition to Administrative Professionals’ Day, tomorrow is also Prime Rib¬†Day.


[FHCx116] National Zucchini Bread Day


So how does one make a zucchini bread when bread items are specifically not allowed during Passover? Using the same ingenuity of those who brought us Passover Pancake Mix, we had some Passover Honey Cake Mix. Get a zook, shred it up, and some honey, and we are good to go!

Zucchini itself is a fun squashy vegetable. Without it, we wouldn’t have Ratatouille. Thankfully, someone determined its moisturizing properties – like apple sauce and bananas – that help bake amazing cakes and breads. It’s a great way to make a slightly lighter-calorie cake, and get in those hidden vegetable servings. Just don’t eat too much at once.

2016-04-25 22.03.38

Da mix.

2016-04-25 22.03.41

Shredding up some zook.

2016-04-25 22.03.45

1 egg, some egg beaters, and water into the mix.

2016-04-25 22.03.50

A spoonful of some locally made honey thanks to SPalex.

2016-04-25 22.03.52

This goop will form a breadcake.

2016-04-25 21.29.22

A little bit of honey on the top to give it a bit of a crisp coat!

Super tasty! Dense because that’s what Passover mixes are about. It’s hard to tell if something is cooked “correctly” during Passover because they come out squishy. That’s okay.

Tomorrow is National Pretzel Day!


[FHCx115] National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Rolled tastiness.


For many of these food holidays, there is a moment of wonder when we can’t be sure how something came to be. I mean, yeah, we get deep dish pizza’s evolution and such. But how did someone get so tired of pancakes/crescents and sausage that they had to roll them up into one bite?

Since it’s currently Passover, and we mostly observe the no-leavened-bread thing, dealing with days that have a bread item as the main focus is difficult. But thanks to ingenious Jews, we have a pancake mix that is kosher for Passover. (Honestly, that’s something we can’t understand. It’s like vegetarian things that look and taste like meat. If the whole point was¬†not to do that, why do we spend so much effort to get the real thing that’s not the real thing?)

2016-04-24 18.14.162016-04-24 18.14.212016-04-24 18.20.362016-04-24 18.20.44

Hooray! Rolled and eaten.

Tomorrow is Zucchini Bread day! Yeah. This one actually has “bread” in the name!


[FHCx114] National Picnic Day/National Cherry Cheesecake Day

You thought we wouldn’t make it in time, eh?


Well now it’s time for speed blogging:

Picnic. Get a basket, have it outside, eat some stuff.

2016-04-23 15.20.202016-04-23 15.20.44

So cute.

Also, cherry cheesecake! SPom made. Was tasty.

2016-04-23 20.44.38.jpg

Trick is for passover to not have any “leavened” items so this is entirely crustless. Kinda cool.

Tomorrow is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day!


[FHCx113] National Jelly Bean Day

Hey Jelly Bean!


So the other day we dealt with Lima Beans. But rarely does anyone make the connection that the Jelly Bean is actually the Lima Bean’s cousin. That’s right, it’s part of the Fabaceae family.

That’s a lie.

These tasty, sugary, can’t-stop-eating-these-no-matter-how-much-I-want-to-right-now “beans” have BEAN around since the 1800s. Some people say since the Civil War, even. It even became slang! In the early 1900s,¬†a “Jellybean” or “Jelly-Bean” was a young man who dressed stylishly to attract women but had little else to recommend him (Thanks, Wikipedia). I guess that’s a good way to describe a jelly bean.

2016-04-22 11.11.42

Exciting, non-descript bag of jelly beans from the grocery store! We set out some of these guys in our living room for visiting guests¬†SPam,¬†SPuncle¬†SPicky, and¬†SPaunt¬†SPatherine (this is getting ridiculous…) but apparently not all of them are fans! That’s ok.

Tomorrow is National Picnic Day and National Cherry Cheesecake Day!


[FHCx112] National Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day



Talk about specific. Some of these holidays must have been a real reach. But we can’t complain when there’s chocolate involved. And since no one seemed to have this oddly specific truffle, we took matters into our own hands. Thanks to¬†SPad for pointing out this recipe.

2016-04-21 20.31.14

Bag of baking chocolate, 3 Tbsp butter, 1/3 cup heavy cream. Meltyyyy

2016-04-21 20.34.34

Take this goop and throw it in the fridge for a couple hours.

2016-04-21 22.14.30.jpg

Smash some cashews with a hammer.

2016-04-21 22.50.56

Take out a ball of chocolate (1 Tbsp or so) and roll it around in the nuts.

2016-04-21 22.48.17

2016-04-21 22.48.51

Makes quite a mess.

Hooray for tasty!

Tomorrow is National Jelly Bean Day.