[FHCx97] National Caramel Corn Day



We’ve celebrated Popcorn Day already. It was terrific. But it was long ago! And yes, there have been times in the interim that we’ve ingested some popped kernels. Sometimes, flavored popped kernels.

The best of which come from either of two places: Candyland, as many of our candy adventures have proven, and Popped Corn in Minnetonka. AK has a love affair with Popped Corn’s Dill Pickle Popcorn. And Minnetonka isn’t exactly on our side of town. That means that AK has been willing, compelled even, to drive out to get her fix. Sometimes that popcorn makes it home to share with SP.

This time around, she made sure to pick up some Caramel Corn for today. We opted for the pure caramel corn rather than getting another of our favorites, the Chicago Mix/Windy City Mix. (I guess between today and yesterday’s Chicago Deep Dish, Chicago gets lots of props.)

2016-04-04 21.14.41

This is a medium-sized bag.

2016-04-06 16.14.35

Look at the color!

A good caramel corn has many qualities. First, we aren’t talking Cracker Jack. Pieces that are overly crunchy with seeds are unwelcome. Second, the caramel should be tasty but not so heavy as to stick to your teeth. Third, we need BIG OL’ FLAKES. None of this sassypants small-timer stuff. And honestly, the mushroom shape is better for caramel consumption than the butterfly.

Tomorrow is National Beer Day and National Coffee Cake Day!



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