[FHCx98] National Coffee Cake Day/National Beer Day

Don’t have both for breakfast…


Coffee cake, thankfully, is not made with actual coffee. Instead, it’s made to have with coffee which, again thankfully, is not actually required. This morning, AK made some eggs and we had them with some delicious coffee cake from Lund’s & Byerly’s.

2016-04-06 21.56.32

When you’ve got a sweet tooth for breakfast, no one will shame you for eating coffee cake.

2016-04-07 06.20.25

With tea instead of coffee!

Later today, we also had to celebrate National Beer Day. National Beer Day arose as the anniversary of April 7, 1933, when restrictions were lifted on the buying/selling/consuming of beer in the United States. These days it can be hard to imagine people who lobbied so strongly to strike down the right to drink alcohol, but then again, we have all sorts of crazies these days trying to illegalize things like being human.

So in addition to celebrating the beer itself, which honestly the team of SPAK could take or leave, we salute the bootleggers of the prohibition era who brought into popularity the greatest soft drink known to man: Root Beer. Oh man. Don’t even get SP started. Apparently in countries like France, Root Beer is said to taste like medicine, and they hate it. I pity them.

2016-04-07 17.17.52.jpg

Like beery cousins. Twice removed?

Tomorrow is National Empanada Day!


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