[FHCx104] National Peach Cobbler Day

Cobble cobble


“You wanna find a place for peach cobbler?”

“I don’t really know any…” – google search intensifies – “Well I guess there’s Ted Cook’s.”

“If we’re already going out to eat at Revival, maybe we should just make it at home?”

“Sounds good. Let’s find a recipe… Let’s see… Sugar, flour, butter… I guess we just need some peaches.” – grocery store intensifies – “Ok, we’ve got the stuff. How do we make this thing?”

2016-04-13 20.39.01

“Well you melt butter in a pan, and then pour the sugar/flour/milk mixture in…”

2016-04-13 20.39.04

“Ah ok, we boil up some peaches with sugar.”

2016-04-13 20.41.07

“Okay, just take the picture from over my shoulder. I’m going to pour the peaches in.”

2016-04-13 20.41.22

“It says don’t stir it, so I guess we can’t. Well, sprinkle some cinnamon on top.”

2016-04-13 21.26.25

“375? Alright. 40 minutes?? Man…”

2016-04-13 21.28.58


“I like the crusty part better than the fruity part.”

“Oh, you mean the butter and sugar and flour? Well, yeah.”

“I wonder why this is called a cobbler.”

“I don’t think anyone really knows. But if we did this the right way, I think we were supposed to have ice cream on it. That’s what the Southerners do.”

“But we are Northerners!”

Tomorrow is National Pecan Day.


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