[FHCx105] National Pecan Day

SP here… by myself…

It’s national pecan day…

AK is off cavorting with friends on a trip to Chicago from now until Sunday. I’m stuck at home with an upset tummy and no one to care for me here… in the dark… alone…

On the bright side, I was able to celebrate Pecan Day with AK before she left! On the one hand, I would have loved to have some pecan pie, but we will be celebrating National Pecan Pie Day in July. So today was just about some pecans.

The pecan is an all-american fruit/drupe. Indigenous to the Americas, this tasty treat was traded extensively by Native Americans for a long time. Once the United States was in the process of forming, famous people like Thomas Jefferson planted pecan trees on their estates so they could have constant access to them.

And YET! We cannot agree on how to say the word. I’m glad that this blog is in the medium of writing, because I’m sure we would be shamed by one group or another for our pronunciation. So whether you pee-can or you pick-on, have a tasty pecan today.

2016-04-14 19.26.59.jpg

Tomorrow is National Glazed Spiral Ham day.



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