[FHCx108] National Cheeseball Day

It’s cheese… as a ball!


There was a bit of disagreement about what was constituted as a cheeseball. Two things popped into mind, so we decided on doing both of them.

Number one: Cheeseballs. The poofy kind. Namely, Utz came to mind. You know, Utz?

Well, at certain membership-based wholesale clubs, you can get a whole tub of Utz Cheeseballs. Though we could’ve celebrated with the classic, we used the Market Pantry option because… I don’t know.

2016-04-17 18.18.24.jpg

Because sometimes you need a pound of fake-cheese dust.

Number two: a cheese ball. Like, a ball of cheese. You see these at parties: a brie or something rolled up with some sort of nuts. The kind Jimmy Barrett (above) wouldn’t like. As SPAK definitely has a thing for goat cheese, we got a ball of chevre, covered it in some locally made honey – supplied by SP‘s friend SPalex’s regulars at his work – and a little bit of the leftover cinnamon pecans all crushed up. Serve with crackers!

2016-04-17 20.47.202016-04-17 20.52.32

So however you define “cheeseball,” happy cheeseball day!

Tomorrow is Animal Crackers Day!

-SPAK (reunited as a team)


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