[FHCx123] National Truffle Day

Do they grow on truffula trees?


What kind of truffles? You get to choose! It could mean that super umami fungus that you hunt for with piggy partners. You know, the one whose flavor got into just about everything in the last couple years. Not long after every restaurant started putting a chipotle-themed item on the menu did we start seeing everything with truffle oil. They’re tasty, but you have to acquire that taste.

So we opted for the chocolate truffle kind! At Godiva, you can be part of the truffle-a-month club where if you spend $10 at any point, you get one free truffle a month of your choice! It’s a nice treat and it means you don’t have to pick out multiple truffles and have them sitting around staring at you. But we bought 4 to share just because it meant having some variety on this special day!

2016-05-02 16.53.302016-05-02 16.53.392016-05-02 16.54.21

We liked the bottom right one best. It’s all raspberry-y.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Custard Day and National Raspberry Popover Day!



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