[FHCx125] National Orange Juice Day/National Candied Orange Peel Day

How a-peel-ing!


Neither of us grew up drinking much orange juice. We were both more the type who, when seated at a restaurant for breakfast or brunch, would likely have milk or hot chocolate. SP likes tea as his preferred morning beverage. AK just drinks water like a sink drain. Besides, as the joke goes, why should you drink coffee with breakfast? Because O.J. will kill you. So orange juice was never really on the tip of our tongues.

However, there is no denying that orange juice has its place at the breakfast table, or that millions of Americans love their orange stuff. It’s the least sour of the citrus trifecta – orange, lemon, lime – and has had quite the lobby producing claims of potassium and other such health benefits.

2016-05-04 17.22.22.jpg

As if orange juice was hard enough for us, imagine us having to drink OJ with pulp. Oy.

The other unrhymingly orange treat today was candied orange peel. Popularized independently in the Southern USA and in China (go figure), candied orange peel was someone’s desperate attempt to utilize the entire orange, as if that was necessary.

Thanks to Regina’s Candies in St. Paul – and to the folks at the local Godiva who gave the recommendation – we got some chocolate covered candied orange peel!

2016-05-04 17.22.42.jpg

They look like little turds.

Very tasty! Chocolatey orange. They taste like those chocolate orange things that you hit on a surface and break into segments.

Tomorrow is National Enchilada Day for Cinco de Mayo, Totally Chipotle Day, and National Hoagie Day!



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