[FHCx127] National Crepes Suzette Day/National Beverage Day/International No Diet Day

Friday is here!


Crepes Suzette follows in a long line of food holidays surrounding some French food for which the origin is actually unknown. Who was Suzette? Why did she like orange, on-fire crepes? Who knows. We got ours from the Magic Pan at Mall of America.

2016-05-06 20.22.32.jpg

Orangey with some whipped cream on top

Now, typically, Suzette means that it’s flambeed with some cognac. You don’t really get to see these folks making the crepes, so we can only assume that it was at one point on fire. At least, we hope so.

Now this beverage thing… I guess by May the powers-that-be started running low on ideas. “Let’s just make a day for uhhh a beverage.” So today we drank things? Mostly water. SP had some pop with our dinner at Panda Express at the MoA food court.

2016-05-06 19.19.40.jpg

Yeah, we’re not sure we understand this food holiday.

Regarding the last bit about “International No Diet Day” – we are pleased to let you know that we didn’t have a formal deliberative assembly. What is this day even about? Well, you’re supposed to throw care to the wind and eat whatever you want. That’s not to be confused with “Eat What You Want Day” happening next week. (Seriously? They’re really phoning it in at this point.)

The day is actually created to promote positive body acceptance. Here at SPAK we have a very conflicting feeling about all of that. On the one hand, we feel that we should absolutely be appreciative of the diversity of body types, and not discriminate based on physical size. On the other hand, we hope that there is a solution to the world’s current obesity problem, which is partially a mental health problem, too. Before we go on waxing philosophical too long, we’ll end it with this positive note: You can monitor what you’re eating without “dieting.” Be good to your body.

Tomorrow is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day!



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