[FHCx129] National Coconut Cream Pie Day/National Have a Coke Day/5-8 Day


We’ll settle this right now. Coconut Cream Pie < Banana Cream Pie. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. There really aren’t any pies that aren’t worth having. We love pie. Pie pie pie.

Of all the places to get pie, we wanted to highlight the lovely bakery of Hy-Vee, the grocery store you wish your grocery store could be. It’s a growing chain of employee-owned stores with amazing quality and great ethics. We’re happy that they’ve moved into the Twin Cities!

2016-05-08 20.04.09.jpg

Today was also National Have a Coke Day. AK doesn’t like carbonated drinks, but SP is all about that Coke Zero.

2016-05-08 13.58.14.jpg

Coke Zero doesn’t taste like Coca Cola classic. But it’s better than Diet Coke.

Lastly, we had to take advantage of today’s date and highlight a local restaurant that is home to a classic Twin Cities tradition. We’re talking about 5-8 (though that’s not the case for those of you in Europe until August) and we’re talking about the 5-8 Club, home of the Juicy Lucy. SPAK took a trip out to get some cheese-stuffed burgers.

2016-05-08 18.45.42

Lucy’s Sunny Side: Stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and topped with a fried egg.

2016-05-08 18.45.49

The Saucy Sally: Stuffed with secret sauce and American cheese, topped with lettuce, onions, and some Thousand Island sauce

SP‘s Sunny Side was a very good burger. Most people avoid cream cheese when it comes to cheesing their burgers because it just seems so different than the norm. However, it toes the line between savory and sweet flavors, which is great to add depth to a burger!

AK says that the Saucy Sally tastes very close to an In-n-Out burger. Something about the special sauce, Thousand Island, and onions made it a bit nostalgic.

So happy 5-8, 5-8 Club!

Tomorrow is National Butterscotch Brownie Day and National Moscato Day.



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