[FHCx130] National Butterscotch Brownie Day/National Moscato Day

Dessert and wine!


Not too much to say about this first item. AK made a batch of homemade, from-scratch brownies using this recipe and they were delicious.

2016-05-09 21.07.112016-05-09 21.07.132016-05-09 21.18.302016-05-09 21.20.52

It’s a good thing we had SP‘s friends over to pawn off some of this treat on them. The rest will go to coworkers. The thinner we spread the love, the less weight we all gain! Right? Or something.

The butterscotchiness is subtle and much more round of a flavor than you’d get using butterscotch chips. And, contrary to what you’d believe, it’s not just a mixture of butter and scotch.


As much as this guy would want to believe it.

The other part of today celebrates the wine that non-wine-drinkers drink: Moscato! It comes from the muscat grape, and has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. It is the number 3 selling white wine in the US. This is due in large part to its popularity among young people, and across many “demographic groups.” Basically, Kanye and Drake have talked about Moscato, so now everybody drinks it instead of Champagne.

2016-05-09 21.07.02.jpg

We enjoyed it! AK doesn’t normally like carbonated things, and this one was definitely a little bubbly. But it was still enjoyable. Didn’t really feel like high class, but it wasn’t Sutter Home. No offense.

Tomorrow is National Shrimp Day!


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