[FHCx137] National Coquilles St. Jacques Day

Pardon our French…


So St. James/Jacques apparently was associated with the scallop shell symbol. He saved some dude who was covered in scallops (right?) and the legend made the association happen. Of course, we can leave it to the French to take something Catholic and something seafood and make a dish out of it.

Today we used Ina Garten’s recipe to make this dish. And, honestly, days like today we are very glad to have started on this FHC journey. Despite the price of the scallops and time investment to cook, it had us making something we would have never made at home otherwise, and likely would have never had the opportunity to eat when not at home. So thanks, barefoot lady!

2016-05-16 21.26.47


2016-05-16 21.28.27

Chopped parsley and large shallots. As AK says, shallots are onions that are also garlic. (They burn your eyes extra…)

2016-05-16 21.28.28

3 oz of grated gruyere in a 1 lb bowl. Don’t fool yourself.

2016-05-16 21.28.24

Mise-en-place, except disorganized and lazy. You know, the American way.

2016-05-16 21.28.23

Butter in a fry pan and a sauce pan.

2016-05-16 21.28.17

Add some flour to make a roux in the sauce pan.

2016-05-16 21.28.14

After it cooks for a few minutes, add 1.5 cups of seafood stock.

2016-05-16 21.28.12-2

Then this is where we changed the original recipe from 1 cup of heavy cream to 1/2 cup cream and 1/2 cup skim milk. Also add curry powder, salt, pepper. Bring it to a boil.

2016-05-16 21.28.22

Meanwhile, cook the shallots until they turn clear.

2016-05-16 21.28.21

Add the mushbooms.

2016-05-16 21.28.19

It’s so steamy because of some cognac added in that evaporates. Now this part puts the “mush” in “mushroom.”

2016-05-16 21.28.12-1

Add the mushrooms/shallots stuff to the cream sauce

2016-05-16 21.28.11-3

Butter up one casserole pan. The recipe called for baking this in 6 individual 1.5-cup gratin dishes for entertaining guests. We baked it all in one big pan and it was still awesome.

2016-05-16 21.28.11-2


2016-05-16 21.28.11-1

Cover with the mushroom/shallot/cream stuff.

2016-05-16 21.28.10

Bread crumb mixture that we altered from the recipe. 1 cup bread crumbs, parsley, grated gruyere, and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Put that on the top!

2016-05-16 21.28.09

In she goes! We allowed for extra baking time because it was in one big dish.

2016-05-16 15.45.24


2016-05-16 15.46.35


Our house smells like scallops.

This thing was SO GOOD. We really toned down the richness from the recipe and it was still phenomenal. It’s cheesy and goopy, and you get that bread crumb topping that hits the right notes of crispiness… And when you’re lucky enough to nab one of the giant scallops, your mouth starts singing and your body starts dancing. Magical. We had some for ourselves, set aside some for leftovers (both for us, and to share with SPom and SPad), and shared some with SP‘s friends. They all loved it, too.

Gonna go dream of scallops now.

Tomorrow is National Cherry Cobbler Day and National Walnut Day!



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