[FHCx138] National Cherry Cobbler Day/National Walnut Day

Cobble this one together!


Here’s our beef with the national holidays: so far we have had both blueberry popover day and raspberry popover day (with cherry popover day coming in September), as well as both peach cobbler day and cherry cobbler day. Meanwhile, here are just a few foods that currently don’t have holidays:

  • Mapo Tofu – or frankly any tofu anything
  • Steak
  • French Onion Soup (some people claim this happened in January… or February… Or March… etc.)

So our theory is that someone started with blueberry popover day, and then said, “Screw it, let’s have every other fruit as a popover. We have to fill up this calendar somehow.” Now, if you’re offended that we’ve just dissed cherry popovers, you can deal with it.

We reused our recipe from peach cobbler day and made it with cherries instead!

2016-05-17 21.16.05

Flour, sugar, yadda yadda.

2016-05-17 21.16.04

Melt butter at the bottom of the baking pan

2016-05-17 21.16.03-1

Pour in the batter stuff but don’t stir it!

2016-05-17 21.16.03-2

Sugar and lemon juice

2016-05-17 21.16.02-2

Add the cherries and boil ’em up

2016-05-17 21.16.01

Someday this will be used as evidence against us in a court of law.

2016-05-17 21.16.02-1

Pour cherry mixture in the batter

2016-05-17 21.01.16

Look at that crust!

2016-05-17 21.08.27

Look at that interior!

2016-05-17 21.08.30


So I guess we won’t stay mad forever. After all, with a face full of tasty cherry cobbler, it’s easy to forget that it’s just another ripoff holiday.

Today is also National Walnut Day! We ate some walnuts.

2016-05-17 21.45.10.jpg

Tomorrow is National Cheese Souffle Day!



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