[FHCx141] National Pizza Party Day/National Quiche Lorraine Day

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese party!


A man goes into a restaurant and sits down at a table for one. An attractive waitress stops by and asks him what he’d like to order. He looks up at her and says, “Can I get a quickie?” The waitress slaps him and storms off. Moments later, the waitress comes back, still fuming. She asks him sternly what he is going to order from the menu and he responds, “I’m still wondering if I can get a quickie.” She slaps him and threatens to go get her manager. Meanwhile, a man at a table nearby leans over to him and says, “Hey, buddy. It’s pronounced, ‘quiche.'”

Quiche Lorraine, named after the region instead of a person (for once), is a quiche with bacon. Now, some guy once said that Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, which is simply untrue. What could possibly be wrong with a pastry crust, and then a whole bunch of eggy, custardy stuffing? Hold on a sec… my editor is telling me that Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was a satirical novel about stereotypes of masculinity…

Anyway. Quiche. We don’t have the guts to make one at home except to bake one of Nancy’s.

2016-05-20 09.54.282016-05-20 10.00.19

Makes for a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack! Quiche.

Today, the third Friday in May, is also National Pizza Party Day! As we’ve made homemade peepza for previous food holidays, today was only made different by the extensive celebration that we were beholden to.

2016-05-20 17.36.262016-05-20 17.23.52

Happy pizza party day! A full workweek of homemade food holidays! Go SPAK!

Tomorrow is National Strawberries and Cream Day.


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