[FHCx144] National Taffy Day

Today is a Gross day!


No, not that taffy is gross. C’mon. We’re talking about a gross.

We managed to tear ourselves away from our 3rd game of Innovation to have some taffy and write this blog before bed. Taffy used to be such a huge thing forĀ SP, especially around the time of the Minnesota State Fair. Over the years, the quality of taffy has seemed to drop (in his mind) until we’re left with the hard, crunchy – yes, crunchy – bits of chalk that people say is taffy.

Taffy should be chewy and delicious. It should explode with juicy deliciousness!

But we settled for some bulk-bought grocery store taffy anyway.

2016-05-23 16.07.31

Assorted flavors!

2016-05-23 16.08.22

The many faces of chewing taffy.

2016-05-23 16.08.23

Your dentist is already getting excited.

2016-05-23 16.08.26

Almost there…

2016-05-23 16.08.27

Final push! Get those molars running!

So happy taffy day!

Tomorrow is National Escargot Day!


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