[FHCx145] National Escargot Day

From France with slug!


Neither of us are even slightly grossed out by eating snails. That’s kind of a wonder in itself. SP used to eat basically only chicken fingers when he was a kid, but he grew out of that level of pickiness. AK, well… Spaghetti.

Well what these things have in common with today’s holiday is that while the item itself is tasty, it is in fact the vehicle for even more tasty things. In this case, garlicky butter. And lots of it. And something else you may not know – usually the snails are taken out of their shells and cooked, and then placed back into their shells for the presentation. It’s like Lobster Thermidor! We took a trip to Salut Bar Americain in St. Paul for their escargot bourguignonne.

2016-05-24 18.39.36

A true French-style is to give you these tong thingies with which to grab the shells.

2016-05-24 18.40.16

Look at all that parsley-garlic-butter!

The texture of a snail is similar to that of an oyster or mussel. And like oysters and mussels, there’s a lot of slurping that goes on with escargot. Don’t be grossed out; it’s really, really good.

Tomorrow is National Wine Day! Not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day. I guess every day is wine day now…



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