[FHCx154] National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day/National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Dinner and dessert!


Ice cream is one of the longest-standing difficulties of losing weight. Why make something so delicious and refreshing if it makes you fat? I mean, between ice cream and garlic bread, it’s like we’re doomed to failure. Ice cream is great, and you just have to make sure that you aren’t overeating.

As for the history of Rocky Road? From Dreyer’s:

“At the time of Rocky Road’s birth in 1929, almost all ice cream was made in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry – and was always served as sundaes. Dreyer added walnuts (later replaced with almonds) to his chocolate ice cream and, using his wife’s sewing shears, cut marshmallows into bite-sized pieces to make the first batch of Rocky Road. Dreyer and Edy picked a flavor name to give folks something to smile about in the face of the Great Depression.”

So there you have it! We celebrated with some Haagen-Dazs.

2016-06-02 15.53.352016-06-02 15.56.46

Nutty and marshmallowy and chocolatey and creamy. Love it.

Rotisserie Chicken is one of our dinner standbys. For whatever reason, getting a whole chicken seasoned and slow-cooked from a reputable and “high-end” grocery store is still less expensive than getting a handful wings from your local restaurant. We particularly like Lund’s & Byerly’s Lemon Pepper Rotisserie. It’s fantastic and easy to eat. Pretty great meal for two!

2016-06-01 15.42.50.jpg

2016-06-02 18.05.34.jpgMmmmmm, chicken.

Tomorrow is National Donut Day, National Egg Day, and National Chocolate Macaroon Day!

As a forewarning – lots of bakeries will be celebrating national donut day. It will be crazy busy out there!



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