[FHCx155] National Doughnut Day/National Egg Day/National Chocolate Macaroon Day



Let’s start this in order of our day. Breakfast!

SPAK are big fans of eggs. For the most part, we tend toward the “gooeyer-the-better” team. We like over-easy eggs that just ooze when you stab them. That’s really the best way to do it. Occasionally, when AK reeeeally likes SP, she’ll make Eggtoast in the morning. Eggs on toast. It’s the best.

2016-06-03 06.20.50

Oops, one broke.

2016-06-03 06.22.40

2016-06-03 06.24.57


2016-06-03 06.25.44


Next up! Midmorning snack. Donuts. Doughnuts. D’oh-nuts.

Everyone and their mother is talking about National Donut Day. It seems to be the most popular food holiday so far this year. But SPAK has been doing this before it was cool, and today is no exception. Why Donut Day? Started in 1938, created by the Salvation Army that would supply donuts to those who served in World War I. We don’t have many of those people left anymore, but we can still eat this sugary confection in honor of them. Whether you like cake-type (you’re wrong), yeast, glazed, long john, bear claws, apple fritter…

Happy Doughnut Day!

(^Video is also appropriate; Cousin SParles just named his new baby Nathaniel. Next one will be Superfly?)

2016-06-03 07.16.32

Lastly, we revisit the macaroon. And this time we are going full-on coconuts. This recipe, introduced by cousin SPamy, comes from SkinnyTasteSPamy makes these for Passover at the yearly gathering, and they are addictive, to say the least. You have to be very careful that you don’t end up eating the whole batch!

2016-06-03 21.53.572016-06-03 21.53.502016-06-03 21.53.532016-06-03 21.53.552016-06-03 22.46.112016-06-03 22.47.08

What a sweet day.

Tomorrow is National Cheese Day and National Cognac Day!



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