[FHCx170] International Sushi Day/National Cherry Tart Day/International Picnic Day


It’s 2016 and people still “won’t eat” sushi. Seriously. Not only that, but I thought that word had already spread that the word sushi doesn’t actually refer to raw fish, but to the special preparation of a sweet rice. I guess not. Some people (SPom, lookin’ at you) don’t even like nori. WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!

However, SP and SPad took a class years ago on how to make sushi, so now it’s part of the SPamily repertoire. We’ve got this beat-up old recipe sheet to show for it.

2016-06-18 16.48.12.jpg

Alright, let’s check out the process!

2016-06-18 16.46.54

The juice to make the rice special.

2016-06-18 16.47.04

Fluff it up with the juice in it and you have real sushi!

2016-06-18 16.54.54

This is an egg mixture to make Tamago.

2016-06-18 17.05.54

We don’t have the special pan to make Tamago so we basically make an omelette in a pan.

2016-06-18 16.46.48

2016-06-18 17.05.45

Some imitation crab, sashimi-grade tuna, carrots, asparagus, cucumbers (not pictured), shrimp, and sushi!

2016-06-18 17.10.46

Lay down a sheet of nori on the bamboo mat and spread some rice on it.

2016-06-18 17.13.02

Lay things horizontally end to end.

2016-06-18 17.13.05

Use a bit of water to wet the edge of the nori, and use that as a glue to roll it up.

2016-06-18 17.13.38


2016-06-18 17.14.59

2016-06-18 17.34.06

A picnic? I guess.

Now what is etiquette for eating sushi? Watch one of SP‘s favorite videos to understand.

We also made these lovely cherry tarts in fillo shells.

2016-06-18 16.43.232016-06-18 16.43.28

We used some of the same pie filling as we did on Cherry Dessert Day. Very tasty!

Tomorrow is National Martini Day!



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