[FHCx177] National Catfish Day/National Strawberry Parfait Day

The good kind of catfishing.


This afternoon, we made a similar parfait to our last Parfait Day. Fresh strawberries are a great addition to any pudding/cream-related treat.

2016-06-25 15.05.48

Some chocofudge pudding, instant and easy.

2016-06-25 15.59.52

Make some layers alternating with pudding, whipped cream, and strawberries (kinda hard to see the strawberry layer). Yummy!

For catfish, we had to seek out one of our favorite local restaurants, Brasa. Here in Minnesota, we don’t get the Eastern-Asian-sized goonch catfish that are literally large enough to attack and eat water buffalo.


However, Brasa makes a fantastic fried channel catfish that you ought to try! It’s moist and flaky, and the frying is just perfect on it. Catfish flavor is very mild and they’re a terrific source of Vitamin D! (The more you know!)

2016-06-25 17.55.042016-06-25 17.56.03

It’s good to have a unique, different food holiday after a week of generic stuff like pecan sandies.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Pudding Day!



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