[FHCx189] National Strawberry Sundae Day/National Macaroni Day


In Japan, today is Tanabata, the Star Festival. Basically, a galactic farmer is separated from his love, a cosmic weaving princess, and they get to cross the Milky Way once a year (today) to meet. How sweet, right? Well, what would two East Asian people have on a date? Probably Strawberry Sundaes and Macaroni and Cheese.

Our Mac ‘n Chee came from our trip to Revival yesterday. We got it to go at the end of our meal so we could enjoy it today. We love how peppery and real cheesy it is. Normally when served at the restaurant, it comes in a little crock with that golden brown on top that makes your heart melt.

2016-07-06 19.29.11.jpg

A nice small portion for us to share today.

After our dinner, before we went to see Swiss Army Man, we had our strawberry sundaes built from these very cute Haagen-Dazs minis.

2016-07-07 18.00.34

It’s a little less than half a cup of ice cream. Helps to keep the portion manageable.

2016-07-07 18.03.04

A heart for extra love.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate with Almonds Day and National Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Omelette Day.




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