[FHCx201] National Daiquiri Day

Hey!¬†How come I didn’t get a little umbrella?


Here in Minnesota we have moved up from Excessive Heat Watch to Excessive Heat Warning for the next two days. When the air temperature is over 100 and the humidity/dew point/air pressure makes it feel more like 115, it gets very unpleasant. Don’t go outside. Usually, they’ll tell people if they don’t have AC to go to a place like the mall.

Even though we have AC, we wanted to get some activity in today, so we went to the Mall of America to cool off and have a daiquiri.

2016-07-19 20.04.20.jpg

Strawberry Island Daiquiri!

Cold and refreshing, and not too boozy. Super sugary to make you feel like you’ve got a little more energy.

Tomorrow is National Lollipop Day!


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