[FHCx205] National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Vanilla is not bland!


We still can’t believe that “vanilla” frequently means “plain.” Just because it was the most popular and frequently procured ice cream flavor led to it being the basic choice. The usual.

Well we wanted to do something unusual, and of all people, Delta and American Express helped out. They came around in food trucks to multiple cities this summer (and have more to visit) to give away ice cream sandwiches to Delta SkyMiles cardholders like SP.

Delta Amex.JPG

From the Delta AmEx perks site

We stood out in the pouring rain to get our hands on these suckers. Since the Pie in the Sky was the one with the vanilla base, that was our choice! The cookie was like the texture of a french macaron and the ice cream was absolutely amazing. Creamy and smooth and melty.

2016-07-23 16.34.58.jpg

Water, water, everywhere… and ice cream sandwiches!

Thanks AmEx!

Tomorrow is National Tequila Day.



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