[FHCx215] National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream can be enjoyed in multiple forms!


All around the world, people enjoy different variations of ice cream sandwiches. Here in the US we get the classic cookie kind (patented in 1963) or even a Choco Taco. In Vietnam, they have a thing called banh mi kep kem, where they use a banh mi bread and stuff it with ice cream and top it with peanuts. Brilliant. In Singapore, they eat potong, where two wafers hold together a block of ice cream, cut from a HUGE LOG OF ICE CREAM. WHAT EVEN.

As Minnesotans, we had to go Kemp’s today.

2016-08-02 17.23.32.jpg

2016-08-02 21.41.11.jpg

And we brought the rest out for our neighborhood’s National Night Out gathering! …along with the leftover raspberry cake from Sunday. What great neighbors we are.

Tomorrow is National Watermelon Day and National Grab Some Nuts Day.



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