[FHCx216] National Watermelon Day/National Grab Some Nuts Day


SP frequently has almonds with his lunch, as mentioned in previous posts. He’s also a math teacher, and so we’ve frequently thought about the best way to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of such a snack. What we ended up with was a great grab-and-go container of almonds, always at the ready in our pantry. Super helpful when you wanna grab some nuts!

2016-08-03 07.00.09.jpg

Weighed out to 20gm because why not.

Today also celebrates watermelon, which we are take-or-leave about. Some people really don’t like the texture but that isn’t what bothers us. The biggest downside of watermelons is that even the seedless ones have seeds. Why is that? Well, the watermelons that we eat are sterile, and the seeds are just seed coats, with no seed inside. That entirely defeats the purpose! I don’t care if my watermelon doesn’t propagate, I just don’t want to deal with gross crunchy seeds in my fruit.

P.S., the different between the white and the black seeds is merely age.

2016-08-03 21.38.102016-08-03 21.43.17

Still pretty fun to cut up and has a really awesome color to it.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!



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